Anna Kindvall
Born Lund 1967
Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden

to present my curatorial projects.
A website where Yrr Jonasdottirs and I share our experiences in hiking with like minded people.
(R)E-flexion started in late 2012 (closed in 2023) as a tool to present and promote a selection of works, artists, exhibitions, tendencies and potentialities within the field of electronic art.

1997 Postgraduate Course in Communication technology, Media-GN, Groningen, The Netherlands
1991-96 Master of Fine Art, Malmö Art Academi/Grafikskolan Forum, Malmö

Professional Positions:
Exhibition coordinator at Malmö Konsthall.
For example, I have coordinated: Joan Jonas, Damian Ortega, Jumana Manna, Rosa Barba, Leonilson, Roman Signer, Flight etc.

2000-2011 Electrohype
Project manager, co-director and co-curator together with Lars Gustav Midbøe.
Electrohype was an organisation that promoted electronic art. (a list of exhibition curated by Electrohype, further down *)

2007–2008 C-Art Media, Valands Art Academy, program manager, tutor for the master students
2006 Substitute/ass. curator Malmö Konsthall, (exhibitions Malm2 och Sarah Sze)
1998 Digitala Bildverkstaden – Skåne, Malmö

Freelance work and curatorial projects

Deep Sea
Winter 2018, Bremen
Summer 2019, Ystads konstmuseum
Cooperation with Alexandra Waligorski, (freelance curator), Ingmar Lähnemann, (curator, Städtische Galerie Bremen) and Ýrr Jonasdottir, (director at Ystads Art Museum). Read more about the exhibition here.

Trekking In Time
Autumn 2016, Ystads konstmusum
Trekking In Time is and exhibition that presents artists that have worked with hiking from different perspectives. Curatorial co-work with Ýrr Jónasdóttir, Ystads konstmusum.
More information

2015 Blister Sisters, Molekyl Gallery i Malmö. Curator for the exhibition.

Other things

2017 Reference group Digital utveckling, Kulturförvaltningen, Skåne Regionen
2014 Expert assignment for appointment of lecturer at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm
2012/13/14 Teaching, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University (Digitala kulturer)

* Curated and produced exhibitions at Electrohype
More information about Electrohypes and the exhibitions:

2010 Electrohype 2010, Ystads konstmuseum (6th biennial)
2009 Ben Woodesson, Skånes konstförening
2009 Norelectronica 2, Victoriateatern
2008 Electrohype 2008, Malmö Konsthall (5th biennial)
2008 Social Field , Rörsjöparken, Malmö
2006 Electrohype 2006, Lunds konsthall (4th biennial)
2006 PUBLIC-ELECTRONIC!, Skissernas museum, Lund
2006 Norlectronica, Smålands nation, Lund
2005 Electrohype / segments, Falkhallen, Göteborgs Konstmuseum
2005 Nordiska pionjärer– [DAM] Berlin
2004 Electrohype 2004, Malmö Konsthall (3rd biennial)
2003 Exhibition with Mogens Jacobsen, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö (Electrohypes gallery)
2004 Exhibition with Victor Vina och Hector Serrano, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2004 Digital Pioneers, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2004 Exhibition with Trine Eidsmo, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2004 Exhibition with Victor Vina och Hector Serrano, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2003 Classic II, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2003 Exhibition with Mogens Jacobsen, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2003 Exhibition with Magnus Wassborg and Tore Nilsson Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2003 Exhibition with Jodi, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö
2002 Electrohype 2002, Carolinahallen and Malmö Konsthall (2nd biennial)
2002 hotSpot#3/Electrohype, Visby
2001 NIC Art Gallery 2001
2000 Electrohype 2000, Kajplats 305 and Galleri Rostrum, Malmö (1st Electrohype biennial)

Artist practice
Solo exhibitions:

2003 RumEtt, Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg
1999 Galleri Rostrum, Malmö
1998 Svenska Allmänna Konstföreningen, Stockholm
1997 Forum galleriet, Malmö
1996 Svensk kulturvecka i Leipzig, Germany (with Sten-Ove Persson)

Sellected group exhibitions:
2014 Molekyl Gallery, Malmö
2001 Skånska fotografer, Malmö Museum
2001 Svenska Dagbladets internet galleri (
2000 Next 1.0, Karlstad
1996 Kulturverket, Halmstad (with Sten-Ove Persson)
1996 Forum galleriet, Malmö
1996 Det som inte finns, Service, Stockholm
1996 ArtGenda, Köpenhamn
1995 Hörsalen Malmö Konsthall, computer-project, Malmö
1995 Galleri Skånes Konst, Malmö
1994 Afficks, Lund

Other projects

2000 …alltid något, floppy multiple, with Per Alvsten
1999 Likaledesolik, floppy multiple, with Per Alvsten


2000 Arbetsstipendium, Bildkonstnärsfonden
2000 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
1999 Arbetsstipendium, Bildkonstnärsfonden
1998 Ateljestipendium, Denkmalschmiede Höfgen, Kaditzsch, Tyskland
1998 Malmö Konststudio stipendium
1996 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse, trip to Ars Electronica
1996 Birgit och Gad Rausings Stiftelse för Humanistisk forskning
1996 Skånska Konstnärsklubben