Work in progress

At the moment I am working with a project about exploring. The project consist of several smaller projects.

Summer 2013 I made three month long hike through some mountains in France, Switzerland and Italy. As my companion I had Yrr Jonasdottir. You can read about our hike on

My pinhole camera made out of paper

My pinhole camera made out of paper

For the hike I built my self a pinhole camera for 35 mm film. I took several pictures of things and views that I past a long the way.

Pinhole picture of Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

I also collected small object that I found on my way. Things that people dropped, left or had thrown away. Things that didn’t really belong in the nature and/or might have a story behind that attract me.

Red metal part found on the ground

An example of what I collected during my hike

I think I all ways have had a facination for adventurer’s making travels, exploring, collecting both things and information. Summer 2012 I shortly worked at the Zoological Museum, pictures, collections and other things I found at the museum inspired me to finally got me started on this project.

Old field printing set

An old field printing set

Lab tubes with shells

Lab tubes with shells