In 1999 I started the organization Electrohype together with Lars Gustav Midbøe. I was part of the organisation untill the end of 2011. Electrohype was closed a few years ago.

Electrohype, based in the south of Sweden, was an organisation that promoted electronic art, accomplish by organizing exhibitions, seminars and workshops related to the genre. Electrohypes most important project was the biennial that was running between 2000–2010 in total six exhibitions; Electrohype 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010.

Almost 20 years have passed since we embarked on the Electrohype project, which gradually became a respected and influential organisation, playing an important role for the electronic art genre in the Nordic countries and other countries worldwide, in both supporting the range of artists exhibited over the years and contributed to a broader understanding and knowledge for this particular art form.

Down below you can find some images from some of the exhibitions.
For more information about Electrohype and the exhibitions please visit: www.electrohype.org


Electrohype 2010
, Ystad Art Museum (6th biennial)


Electrohype 2008, Malmö Konsthall (5th biennial)


PUBLIC–ELECTRONIC!, 2006, Museum of Sketches, Lund


Electrohype 2004, Malmö Konsthall (3rd biennial)


Digital Pioneers, Electrohype-ROM, Malmö 2004


Electrohype 2000, Kajplats 305, Malmö (1st Biennial)