Fredrik Strid

Trekking in Time: Fredrik Strid

During the summer of 2012, Fredrik Strid hiked 1200 kilometers from his studio north of Uppsala to Mosjøen in Northern Norway. The walk took 48 days. He brought with him a specially constructed museum podium. Every morning he painted the podium white with linseed oil paint, and throughout the duration of the day fragments of plants, insects and dirt fastened in the sticky paint, only to be embedded the next day beneath a new layer of paint. During this process a layer of 48 coats of paint was built up, containing botanical and entomological data. Fredrik Strid’s goal was an exhibition in Mosjøen. The journey there was not merely the walk from A to B but also a continuing artisitic work in progress where the art work was only completed when arriving at the exhibition space.

Lost and Found by Fredrik Strid

Lost and Found by Fredrik Strid

Fredrik Strid is interested in nature and natural history museums. Some of his works are linked to this. His hiking in Lost and Found is like an explorer setting out to collect different plant and animal species. He works with the idea of bringing part of the museum with him, out into nature, the podium becomes the entomologist’s insect net and the collected material than directly becomes part of the museum framework.

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