Tisha Mukarji

Trekking in Time: Tisha Mukarji

Piano Piece (for George Brecht) from 2007 is a 30-day-long performance during which Tisha Mukarji transported a piano, from Køge to Berlin, on foot. The idea was to transport an instrument, that would not normally be moved in that way. The piece is closely linked to the Fluxus movement, where artists also tested the limits on how to use a piano in their performace art.


Tisha Mukarji, like the fluxus artists creates her own instructions, which she closely observes.

  1. Move a piano 10 km each day (not less)
  2. Record situations with the piano, on different occasions, each day
  3. Play the piano each day for 10 minutes (not less)

George Brecht was part of the Fluxus movement and, just like Mukarji, he worked in the borderland of experimental music and conceptual art. Her piece can be interpreted as a tribute to both him and Fluxus. The exhibition displays a selection of photographs and drawings from her walk, as well as a video.


Piano Piece (For George Brecht) by Tisha Mukarji

Piano Piece (For George Brecht) by Tisha Mukarji

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