Trekking in Time: Hamish Fulton

Trekking in Time: Hamish Fulton

works by Hamish Fulton

Hamish Fulton styles himself a Walking Artist, meaning in effect that he, as an artist, walks or hikes. He claims that walking in itself is an art form and for him it is a prerequisite for making art. As an artist he works exclusively with this activity and has done so since the end of the sixties, having thus pioneered the genre.

During just over forty years as a working artist, Fulton has virtually walked in places all over the world. The artist´s awareness of the eco-friendly aspect of this form of travel is strongly present in Fultons work. This has become increasingly more important for him in light of the growing pace of development of our evermore technically advanced and consumer oriented society.

Fulton’s walks generate photographs, drawings or texts based on the experience of the walk. Being present in nature is important for the artwork which is about life and experiencing the present. Long demanding walks may result in a single small drawing. Fulton never collects anything from nature, he doesn’t create art with it and as a principle, he never leaves anything behind.

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