Richard Long

Trekking in Time: Richard Long

For Richard Long, walking is an art form. He has been walking since his days as an art student, linking it to his art. Selecting places during his countless walks, he has created site specific works in the landscape. Having always had a great respect for nature, when creating art his interventions are minimal. Long only uses material naturally occurring at the specifically chosen site. Based on his own human measurements he creates geometric shapes with his chosen raw materials. Not wishing to interfere with nature, he prefers to leave these works at their original site rather than moving them into an exhibition space.

 Works by Richard Long

Engadine Line, 2013, included in the exhibition, is a photograph of a work created during a 16-day-walk in the Lower Engadine mountains in Switzerland. The exhibition also includes Breaky Bottom Flint Circle, a circle constructed with flint stone and one of Long’s works made specifically for the exhibition space. These works have visually much in common with those created in the landscape. The material he uses may come from a local quarry, a river bank or other locations.

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